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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The sun shone and Lisbon came to life, with colour, joy and inspiration around every little nook and cranny.  My new TSHIRT was definitely the right choice to wear today!

I have a thing for over sized cardigans!!! (You'll see the pattern in my outfits!)  Great to throw on when it's a sunny day, but not quite warm enough yet to be shed at all times!  In fact, my cardigan spent most of it's time coming off, going back on, then coming off......... you can see where I'm coming from!

I have to say that these must be the most comfortable heels ever!
Hallelujah, what a treat!!!!!

A trend in her own right, she looked so serene sat on the bench with her basket of goodies next to her.
I loved the bright, playful colours of her scarf and now I predict a new look on the horizon!!!

The blossom in the trees at the moment is breathtaking, the colours of purples, pinks and creams, not only signalises a change of season but also a change of wardrobe and I'm so happy to be digging out my summer gear and of course shopping for more!!!

A pretty 'AWESOME' moment, sheltering under a Lisbonese Palm Tree!

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1 comment:

Joshua Barwick said...

Looks awesome! Hope i can have a bit of awesome soon!! x

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