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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hills and Heels

 Whoa, what did I discover today...... 
That hills and heels make hard work, and I am sure that I will wake up tomorrow not with muscle ache from my ballet but from my fanfabuloustic leopard boots.
 Mmmmmm, how do I explain that one to the boss!!!

All in the name of fashion!!!

That's Lisbon for you, built on seven hills, it provides amazing views and the city seeps in texture and character.
But as I've mentioned before, I hadn't been living here too long before I ditched the heels
 (though they do come out on special occasions!)

I envy the woman that glamorously totter around in heels all day long, especially now I've started my regular Charliehearts Global Spots section.  It inspires me to dig all of my heels out and brave the cobbled hills in them.......  
Then i end up teetering around and grumbling at the same time!

Maybe it's just a bit of practice!

Neckalce from my new line.
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Every piece is unique and made especially for the individual

I think I was a magpie in my last life......
I have an attraction to anything sparkly, shiny and glimmering!
You'd have thought in my job, I'd have my fill of playing dress up at work..... 
But nope!
 It seems to be me, through and through and not just my ballet persona!

So what to wear on my feet tomorrow?!!!
Well you'll find out soon enough!!

Love Charlie

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1 comment:

Vivi Becker said...

Love the pics Charlie. muito estilosa!!!

KIxx =*

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