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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Carnival flutters

Where I'm from, today is celebrated with pancakes!!  Here in Portugal, it's a different story and though today's weather wasn't up for playing, the streets certainly were......

I felt a flutter of excitement as we raced to the street where the parade was passing.  As we weren't sure which streets they were actually walking through, we listened for the banging of the drums and as luck would have it we arrived just as they started to pass and with a front row view!

People of all ages had dressed for the occasion and were alot braver to the rain than i was!
(I only managed the head gear!)

To be part of such an atmosphere was a wonderful feeling and the rain didn't stop anyone from giving their all.....

Though Rio is now famous for its extravagant displays for Carnival,  Portugal actually introduced the Carnival to Brazil a long time ago.  Celebrating the end of Winter, the celebrations come to an end with it's highlight the 'entrudo' on the last day.  With, as we saw today, everyone joining together to perform an extravagant parade though the city.

The aftermath of the chaos was quite beautiful......
As we watched the backs of the final 'paraders' dance off into the distance, we were left, stood, in puddles of confetti and streamers.

So sweet dreams all.....

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Love Charlie


Marissa said...

This looks like such a blast! And how cute is that little boy in the big bird suit?

teamgunn said...

this year we lived carnival it with some nostalgia, since our Rio de Janeiro reference was so present between us. We miss Rio. 'Saudade'.
Big kiss for you

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