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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rosie's are pink, skulls are blue

The blue sky was uplifting yesterday and to take it all in on the terrace of the National Pantheon
 was something else.......

  The glare of the sun, cast across the white terrace floor, with the soft tinkling voice of the infamous Fado singer Amalia Rodrigues in the background, set a stage ready to be danced upon......

I can't believe that I have lived a short walk from this amazing place for too long now and never set a foot inside.  

I must admit to being a fan of Amalia's, of not only her singing, but of her life and style too. 
(Amalia dedicated post coming soon!) 

 So to stand in what felt like 'her place', 'her haven', I almost felt like I were encroaching on her personal space and at the same time felt privileged to be in this beautiful site that she has been laid to rest.

The water twinkled like a glittered pool and Lisbon felt like a magical place to be.  
I truly believe that the sun was enhancing the cities beauty and splendour in such a way that I felt totally underdressed........   
Where oh where did I leave my Disney gown!

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Pretty Dee Dee said...

Love the combination of prints!

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