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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Nestled underneath the huge bridge named the 25th April, are the Santo Amaro Docks (Docas)
A long line of warehouses that have been transformed into restaurants and bars sit along the pretty yachting marina.

I love to be around boats as they remind me of my Dad :)
When I was younger we would go to the Lakes with his boat..... and I have many a funny tale to tell..... including skiing face down on my stomach and pirouetting down a jetty with rope wrapped around me.....
 but I'll leave those stories for another day!!!!

I go on and on about clearing through my wardrobes and getting rid of stuff, but then I'll come across something that was lost at the back and I love to reinvent it and wear it again!
For example this pink sequined cardigan...... bought years ago and I'm sure back then I was wearing it with a totally different combination of clothes (oh how I wish I'd started to blog back then!)  

The boots have also not made an appearance for a long time, but I do feel they are coming to the end of their days as they are starting to cave in at the backs and I look like I'm walking very oddly.....

Oh my gosh.......... I found my cake stand that I have been scouring around for!
So watch this space for it's debut on my blog!
It is now proudly sat on my dressing table, holding all my rings and I could just stand and admire it for hours!!!!

What an amazing view....
The Cristo Rei which looks onto Lisbon and the ponte 25 de Abril (which is very special to me)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend
Here's to a great week ahead

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Love Charlie


My Heart Blogged said...

Great top, and sequined cardigan.
My Heart Blogged

Taja said...

Love the nailpolish!

Marissa said...

What is that gorgeous nail polish color you're wearing?!

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