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Monday, 21 March 2011

It's Love ....

Don't they say that you wait for hours for a bus and then three come at once?!!!  Well, that was the case for me and cake stands.  
As many close to me will be well aware that I was on a 'cake stand mission' for months and months.  I had all my finger candy sat stuffed in a jewellery box (although a very gorgeous one!) but it just wasn't working for me.......  To scramble through it and to be inspired as to what to wear was not working this way and not feeling it aesthetically pleasing (or tidy) to just lay it all out, I need to rethink the situation!

I can't even remember where the 'cake stand' idea came from!!!! Knowing me I probably dreamed it up one night and then woke up in zombie mode the next day, not wanting to rest until I found one!!!

That was months and months ago...... and so trying to put it to the back of my mind, I decided that all good things come to those who wait and 'tried' to wait patiently!!

Then as I walked through Lisbon's Feira Da Ladra last month, there she sat twinkling in the sun and my legs couldn't carry me to her fast enough!

My dad says that somethings value is what you will pay for it and to be honest I wanted one so bad that I hadn't even thought of a price limit!  But €15 for this three tiered crystal beauty seemed fair enough!

Then, of course, the following week as we passed by through the market, I nearly missed this two tiered delight sat on its lonesome!  I had been elated at my find the prior week and wasn't expecting to see another......   I stood uhmmming and ahhhing and when he offered it to me for €5...... I would have been crazy to have left it!!!
So home I skipped with cake stand number 2!!!!

They suit their purpose perfectly, I rotate my accessories so much better now as it's all there laid out in front of me, so all the poor ones that got left unnoticed at the bottom of the jewellery box,  now have a new lease of life!!!

On Saturday I saw 'cake stand' numero 3!!!
It was pink, crystal and divine!!!

But I left it sat there, it took some will power.........
and anyways it might still be there next week!!!!!

If I'm lucky!!!!....    

Love a happy Charliehearts!!
Sweet blossom jewelled dreams

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DediLovesFashion said...

love the pink bunny ring. :D

Clotheshoar said...

Oooh, love the cake stand finds! Fantastic!

Laura Sherriffs said...

ooh these cake stands are lovely, Im such a magpie for jewellery!

Taja said...

Haha, never thought having a cake stand for my jewelry, but it's a brilliant idea actually :D

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