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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Laid back happy....

This is crazy casual for me, but the weather has baffled me this week.....
When I leave the house in the morning I feel as though I have to wrap up..... with grey clouds, fluffing up the sky and a bitter breeze winding through the streets, I can think of nothing better than my Uggs, a huge cardigan and a cup of coffee!
But then, alas, by mid morning it's glorious and as I shed my layers, I curse myself for not being brave enough to swap my Uggs for something more summery!

Today I managed a happy medium, though by lunch time, the sun was belting down and I was wishing I were in my DENIM SHORTS and a t-shirt! 
 But come on, if I'd left the house like that this morning, the neighbours would have thought I'd gone mad!!!

I'm so hyped up, as my jewellery line is now underway and will soon be available to be purchased through my page!!!!!  
 This collection is like my new little baby and is so precious to me, that I hope everyone else will enjoy it as much as I have had in the making of it......

I definitely need a trip to TOPSHOP when I'm next in the UK.  I adore their ballet flats and my poor souls are starting to look a bit too wrecked to get away with the 'worn in' look!!
They are so comfy, so I'm craving to purchase some new ones!

It's nearly the weekend my hearters!!!!

Sweet Dreams

Love Charlie

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I heart you all my hearters


beautycareme said...

The whole outfit is super cute, and Im lovin that bracelet!

Taja said...

The necklace is so cute! :) Try to look in H&M for ballet flats. I bought 2 couple weeks ago and then decorated them myself. They look pretty awesome now :D

lovelyhair said...

I like your plaid shirt :-). Nice blog, I follow you now :-).

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