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Friday, 4 March 2011

Thank you FAB...

Thank you to FAB for sending me this amazing shawl.  
Finally I can post pictures with it and I must admit to being totally in love :)
The knitted bright colours are perfect for me. 
Thank you!!!!!

I always seem to manage to take so many things to work!  
Half of the stuff I won't use or need but I still take my hefty dance bag around with me!

I've had lots of lovely emails that you enjoy my dancing posts...
Please feel free to message me any questions or even anything you would like me to post about!

Is it 'correct' for me to say that I can have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my ballet?
Yesterday I had a hate day
Today I was in love!
If only it was just a case of looking pretty and twirling around a grand stage!!!!
The strive to perfection that we battle with every day can get intense.  For all of these years I've tried to train myself to 'get over' the frustrating times!  I'm still trying to 'teach' myself, but I'm getting there!!!  Probably by the time I actually get to that point it'll be my time to retire! 
 But then I think to myself that obviously that is the time to retire as you no longer have to strive for something!
It's an ongoing battle!

I can't imagine to not get up in morning and dance. 
 It's been my life since I was a child and it's as normal to me as sleeping, eating and living.....

Well they do say that there is a very thin line between love and hate!!!!

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Love Charlie

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Indra said...

I Love these photos. Great post! I really enjoy your blog

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