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Friday, 18 March 2011

Where's your Red Nose :)

Comic Relief is a huge charity, based in the UK.  Working all through the year to free the world from poverty, every two years in March everybody comes together to be a part of 'Red Nose Day'.

On Christmas Day in 1985, Comic Relief was launched from a refugee camp in Sudan. At the time famine was devastating Ethiopia and drastic action needed to be taken.  
The idea was to bring a group of well loved British comedians together to make the public laugh, whilst money was being raised to help these people in desperate situations.

CLICK HERE to see stories of the help they provide.

In 1988 the first ever Red Nose Day took the nation by storm.
Live on national TV it raised a staggering fifteen million pounds.

Eleven Red Nose Days have since followed and so far more then four hundred and fifty nine million pounds has been raised.  Helping to support people in desperate need both in the UK and Africa.













Every Red Nose Day a new nose is created and goes on sale.
This year Vivienne Westwood designed a set of tshirts with the proceeds going to Comic Relief.

'In Uganda five pounds can pay for a mosquito net that will protect a mother and child from potentially fatal mosquito bites that spread malaria.'

If you would like to donate to Comic Relief you can follow this link

This is an amazing charity that makes such a difference to peoples lives.
As I write this Comic Relief is live on UK TV.
Let's hope this year they break all their records of money raised.

Thank you for reading

Love Charlie

For more information on Comic Relief you can see their website


Karen said...

it's an amazing charity- i am in floods of tears watching the programme now. please worthy. I am sporting my red nose today:)

Fashion Tales.... said...

great post1 Thanks for sharing about this charity! -xxoo

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