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Thursday, 3 March 2011

I Love .........

For a girl who (I hate to admit) used to chew her nails to death, I sure don't anymore!

When I first came to Portugal I quickly cottoned on to the craze of gel nails! I used to love going every 3 weeks to get a new colour and design on my nails and best of all I loved the way my fingers looked with nice, unchewed nails!!!!

Just before my baby was due I stopped having them done, as I figured that being a 'novice nappy/diaper changer', talon nails wouldn't be very suitable!
But even though I wasn't frequenting the nail salon anymore didn't mean I had to go back to my old habits and so I kept up the maintenance of keeping my nails pretty myself!

With a busy schedule, plus now a toddler constantly on the move, I don't really have time to make all the cute designs myself anymore, but as you'll notice I always have them painted a bold colour!

I may not need to visit the salon anymore, but I certainly have replaced it with an addiction for nail polishes!!!!

Charlie Hearts
Happy nails!!!

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Love Charlie


Katie said...

I used to get gel nails done back in Germany, I had the most wonderful nail designer EVER. she had her own salon, was supercheap and my nails looked natural, although they were dangerously long.. now that I'm in the US I just can't find a good salon which offers gel.. and I hate acrylic (not only because it causes cancer but because it looks like crap after 2 weeks on my nails).

I tried doing my own gel nails for a while (and failed) and now I am obsessed with buying nail polish, just like you. Even colors of which I know I won't ever use... I just have to have them. It's like a drug!

Rachel said...

Hi! I was so excited when I cam across your blog, as I too was a ballet dance practically my whole life. I love seeing all your beautiful dance photos. I love your blog an look forward to coming back! Please stop by Fashionably Organic and check out my blog - if you could follow me on bloglovin that would mean a lot! Thanks!

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

oh tell me about all of them,.. I love the colors.. I wanna buy 'em all... I am serious! Email me..!!! :))

Love your collection..!!!

Following you!


CrashingRed said...

Jeeeez, Charlie, i am envious of your collection! so many colors! Thought I am the only one who has million of nail polishes... and now I see you - my sister in spirit!
Marusya V

Taja said...

I also have bitten my nails, but stopped long time ago, while I didn't want to ruin the nice nailpolish :) now I'm also obsessed with them, have a bunc as you do :)

Carla Violet said...

Hey. i see you're not that much into nail polish? haha... awesome collection!

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